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Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Mon Oct 2 09:01:00 UTC 2006

Hi there!

Michele Dondi wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Sep 2006, Tobias Richter wrote:
>> But there are is one point where crux can not keep up with other 
>> distributions and that is the help for "crux newbies" (i don't meen 
>> linux newbies for this species maybe a other disti. is better...). There
> I beg to differ. CRUX has a reputation of being a distro targeted at 
> experts, but I'm far from being one, and I'm happily using it. OTOH it 
> does help increasing one's expertise.

Some friends ask me from time to time what distro is good to start
"learning Linux". I tell them that they should take CRUX if they want
to learn how things work. After the first boot, they are dissapointed
that they even have to configure X manually if it doesn't come up.

Well... then there are lot's of bells'n'whistles eye-catcher distros
[Ad on] like Sabayon Linux (Gentoo based) [Ad off] which are also nice,
but if something goes wrong there, you have to dig really deep inside
the distro specific stuff and understand that first which was propably
not the primary idea of learning.

I just created and account to the web forum, too. Maybe we can get
some more interested people to CRUX that way.

Best greets,

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>> is quit a good documentation but the only way where a user can ask 
>> questitions are irc or the mailinglist. I like irc and mailinglists, but
> I have no experience with irc, but generally I favour ml and/or nntp 
> approach, better if both channels are available and integrated. (There's 
> now an easy solution for this in terms of gmane.)
>> forums are quit normal for every distribution and they have 
>> disadvantage but they also advantages specialy for new users. And 
>> forums are mostly better adoptive then mailinglists - so nearly every 
>> distri. have a forum
> Whether they're "normal" or not I don't really care much. A mail or nntp 
> based form of support is better suited to the kiss phylosophy of CRUX.
>> only crux linux have none. Hence i have simply put a forum under the 
>> domain please review and maybe someone can put a link 
>> at to the forum ?
> IMHO it would be nice if such a beast would not provide a *separate* 
> channel than the ml, but if they were integrated. There should be 
> technical means to do so.
>> I respect Johannes thoughts about a forum and we will follow them:
>> 1. for this to work, motivated CRUX _users_ must take the 
>> responsibility to provide help/support there
>> 2. the mailing list is authoritive and the place for "official" 
>> discussion.
> Well done!
> Michele

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