find dependency of ELF binary for library

Itn itn2002-lj at
Mon Oct 2 17:26:32 UTC 2006

Hi CRUXers.
I make bash script for finding ELF binary depending on specified library.
and output the packages the files belongs to.
It's useful to find influence of updating library.
Its usage is: [options] library_name [dirs]
library_name is exactly one and must be set.
not search recursive.
output format is "package_name filename"(depends on pkginfo)
Options are
-l:search library described in /etc/ and /lib /usr/lib
-b:search $PATH directories
-v:verbose output to stderr

It requires ldd(glibc),file command ,and some basic applications
(bash,coreutils,sed and so on).
In fact,this script is very slow and not smart,but simple.
If there is the similar one,please take no notice;-)

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