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Kevin Schenker k.schenker at
Mon Oct 2 20:05:22 UTC 2006


> Some friends ask me from time to time what distro is good to start
> "learning Linux". I tell them that they should take CRUX if they want
> to learn how things work. After the first boot, they are dissapointed
> that they even have to configure X manually if it doesn't come up.

I fully agree to this. Crux is in my opinion the best distro to dive into
the "deeps of linux".
There is no specific distro dependent stuff to learn before starting to
customize your system.
It might be easier to use tools like "config-my-x-server" but this
prevents you from knowing whats going on
behind. Many users just want things to work and therefore don't mind if
they don't understand what is really going on and I absolutely tolerate
that. So it's no wonder they are disappointed when their system comes up
and nothing but a console login prompt appears. If people would ask me
what distro to use I would tell them: "If you are used to windows use Suse
otherwise take Crux" and thats it :D

> Well... then there are lot's of bells'n'whistles eye-catcher distros
> [Ad on] like Sabayon Linux (Gentoo based) [Ad off] which are also nice,
> but if something goes wrong there, you have to dig really deep inside
> the distro specific stuff and understand that first which was propably
> not the primary idea of learning.

This is defintely the big advantage of crux. No specific stuff. I really
appreciate "Gentoo Linux" but there are so many tools to know before you
can really customize your system. This is rather annyoing.

> I just created and account to the web forum, too. Maybe we can get
> some more interested people to CRUX that way.

Forums have the big advantage that you can format your text in a much
better way than using "plain text format" in the mailinglists. This
improves readability and helps you keeping track of things going on.
On the other site I can follow the mailinglist with simple console
applications :P I think a forum is more attractive to new users than a
mailing list or chat.

Kevin Schenker

PS: I love Crux ^^
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