SATA drives not recognized

Theo Kanter kanter at
Wed Oct 4 15:12:22 UTC 2006

Clemens Koller wrote:
> Just for the records:
> linux-2.6.18 does not support the PATA of the PDC20775 (Promise SATA 
> II 300 TX2plus)
> yet. This Controller is a 1xPATA and 2xSATA combo PCI card.
> The SATA works right out of the box, but for PATA you need to apply the
> following patch:
Thanks Clemens!, this explains my lack of success with the PDC20378. 
Jeff Garzik (who apparently heads work on libata) assured me that PATA 
support for sata_promise is not in 2.6.18. The page above confirms that 
there is just *no* PATA support for the PDC2037X in 2.6.18. So my 
remaining question is, being unfamiliar with kernel hacking should I 
just apply a sort of rejmerge approach?:

    a) open linux-2.6.18/drivers/scsi/libata-core.c in emacs
    b) substitute the patch (indicated as lines preceded by +++) for 
lines to be removed (indicated as preceded by ---)
    c) recompile the kernel, redo grub, and
    d) reboot?


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