SATA drives not recognized

Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Wed Oct 4 17:36:06 UTC 2006

Hello, Theo!

Theo Kanter wrote:
> Clemens Koller wrote:
>> Just for the records:
>> linux-2.6.18 does not support the PATA of the PDC20775 (Promise SATA 
>> II 300 TX2plus)
>> yet. This Controller is a 1xPATA and 2xSATA combo PCI card.
>> The SATA works right out of the box, but for PATA you need to apply the
>> following patch:
> Thanks Clemens!, this explains my lack of success with the PDC20378. 
> Jeff Garzik (who apparently heads work on libata) assured me that PATA 
> support for sata_promise is not in 2.6.18. The page above confirms that 
> there is just *no* PATA support for the PDC2037X in 2.6.18.

I am speaking of the PDC20775 here (2x SATA, 1x PATA).

> So my 
> remaining question is, being unfamiliar with kernel hacking should I 
> just apply a sort of rejmerge approach?:

Jep, similar...

>    a) open linux-2.6.18/drivers/scsi/libata-core.c in emacs
>    b) substitute the patch (indicated as lines preceded by +++) for 
> lines to be removed (indicated as preceded by ---)
>    c) recompile the kernel, redo grub, and
>    d) reboot?

You can do that, but it' even more simple: just use the patch program.


$ wget

into your kernel tree. (../linux-2.6.18), then

$ patch -p1 < 4110_promise-pdc2037x.patch

will do the editing job for you. You should get something "applied" successfully,
if not, read a Kernel-Patch-HowTo. Then build your kernel as normal.

Just yesterday, I had a PDC20775's PATA enabled that way.

The reason that the PATA is not yet supported in the kernel is that some
libata code may conflict with the old IDE code if the user misconfigures
the IDE subsystem. But the above patch was submitted upstream, AFAIK.

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