Installing Gnome fails with gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg not compiling

Theo G. Kanter kanter at
Thu Oct 5 15:20:44 UTC 2006

Hi Matt

As maintainer of the Gnome port can I ask you how to proceed? Except for
one page (see below), there wasn't any clue on either the Net or the Gnome
forum, as to what might be the problem and how to fix this:

Following the instructions in to the
letter, I got stuck during a new install of Gnome with
gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg failing to compile:

  [stuff deleted]
  ffplay-ffplay.o: In function `main':
  ffplay.c:(.text+0x3e18): undefined reference to `XOpenDisplay'
  ffplay.c:(.text+0x3e4b): undefined reference to `XCloseDisplay'
  collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
  make[7]: *** [ffplay] Error 1
  [make leaving all directories ]
  make: *** [all] Error 2
  =======> ERROR: Building

I tried to see if there were any hints in but there were none to my knowledge. The
following web page:

claims the remedy to be to link ffplay against -lX11. If this is what is
missing, I am not sure how to apply this piece to the package itself or to
the install script mentioned in Perhaps
there is something else that is causing trouble.


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