Installing Gnome fails with gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg not compiling

Theo G. Kanter kanter at
Fri Oct 6 07:38:44 UTC 2006

> Changing the ./configure line in Pkgfile, works.
>         ./configure --prefix=/usr LIBS=-lX11

It didn't work as this option wasn't recognized. I have no clue what the
correct options are and I am still puzzled as to where to find the
configure options after visiting the gstreamer website and CVS.

> ... or pass --disable-ffplay in order to not build ffplay at all, since
> it isn't installed anyway. This obviously also shaves off some unneeded
> build time :)

 ./configure --prefix=/usr LIBS=-lX11

That worked. Thanks Mark.


PS Later the evince and gnome-terminal complained about outdated versions
of poppler and vte. Both are present in the opt and gnome repositories.
And I'm done yet. Gnome is less smooth an install than expected. XFCE4
worked right out of the box. DS

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