Xorg performerce

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at crux.nu
Tue Oct 10 16:35:36 UTC 2006

Wawrzyniec Niewodniczański [2006-10-10 12:42]:

Hi Wawrzek,

> [snipped, since the slowness issue has already been explained]
> upgrade from 6.8.2 to 6.9.0 [1]. I found only one error in Xorg:
> (EE) MGA(0): [drm] Failed to map DMA buffers list
> I think Tilman has very similar problem with modular version of Xorg.
> [2]

That's unrelated to your problem. You can probably fix it by updating
your mga and drm kernel modules.

> BTW Tilman the link to documentation of installation of Xorg7 is no in
> <a> </a>. 

Where? Don't know what you mean.


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