crux-ppc mailing list status, new distro fork (was: Re: CRUX from LFS)

Giorgio Agrelli giorgio_a at
Thu Oct 19 10:35:26 UTC 2006

Giorgio Agrelli wrote:
> Clemens Koller wrote:
>> Hello, Giorgio!
>> [...]
>> What is the status or what are your plans of a dedicated crux-ppc
>> mailing list?
> i did not manage to get a ml from that friend of mine i wrote you about, but i
> will ask now to Biscottin who registered some time ago...

Ok, the guy changed his mind, so the mailing list will be ready in a couple of
days... it will be hosted on but are you sure that we will have
enough subscribers to need a separate mailing list???

BTW we should be able to put an rsync server for the ports tree... this will
probably happen in a month or two, so we will eventually get rid of the cvs
for ports tree sync, i hope!! :D



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