Volunteers wanted

Johannes Winkelmann jw at smts.ch
Thu Oct 19 11:22:55 UTC 2006


We're looking for folks to help us with some projects. They're good
opportunities to become more involved with crux and don't require much
specific knowledge. All of those can be shared amongst multiple persons,
so if you fear that it might take too much time please apply anyway so
we can see whether we can work it out by distribution the work.

Job #1: "App spotlight" page editor

We'd like to provide some sort of platform to present cool applications
available on crux. The idea is that a user suggest an app for
'spotlight', and the editor selects a new one every week (or less
frequent, we'll have to see) and asks the submitted to write a quick
summary for the wiki.  This should be little work (basically reviewing
the application, updating a wiki page to point to the user written
summary) but could also be done by multiple persons.

Job #2: bug triaging

This job basically means reading new bug reports, assigning it to the
right developer or asking for more information if a report is ambiguous.
To do this job, three skills are needed:
- familiarity with our development process
- general knowledge about the software we're porting, i.e. when to ask
  for more information, which factors are relevant etc.
- communication skills; you're acting as a "mediator" between the users
  and devs, and the way persons in this position behave has a big
  influence on the efficiency of the problem solving efforts

Job #3: Wiki editors

Help our primary wiki editor to improve the 'Main' section of our wiki,
i.e.  documentation changes, structural changes and so on. This job will
require to work closely with the devs, to make sure the changes you do
conform to the ideas of the project.

As always, being known in our community certainly helps to be accepted
for those positions, but in any case if you're interested and feel that
you want to work together with us on this please feel to contact me
either here, or directly to me (if you have further questions, please
keep them on the list so the others benefit from the answers too).

Thanks for your interest,
Johannes Winkelmann              mailto:jw at smts.ch
Zurich, Switzerland              http://jw.smts.ch

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