crux-ppc mailing list status, new distro fork (was: Re: CRUX from LFS)

Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Thu Oct 19 14:35:55 UTC 2006

Hello, Giorgio!

Giorgio Agrelli wrote:
> with unzip just tell linux_noasm to the makefile (see crux-ppc cvs), with the
> other ports i don't know... they build allright to me... maybe you only get a
> footprint mismatch??? but that would be werid too...

Thanks, I just ran out of time to check those...

>>So, I suspect that glibc-2.3.6 on x86 fails to build, too, once
>>binutils is updated to 2.17. (just compiling now...)

My guess was wrong.
As of yesterday night, glibc-2.3.6 built on x86 with binutils-2.17 without
any obvious problems.

> As you can see on our CVS the problem is solved with a patch, the only arch
> where that patch is not needed is x86 as you will run in to the same error on
> sparc, mips and so on...

Thank you, too. I'll start to work with your cvs tree as soon as my
environment is ready for it. (I have to solve some
infrastructure / rsync problems on my multiple ppc systems first).

> Well i think it might be more useful to join forces instead of doing the same
> thing twice...

Sure! I just didn't expect that my embedded stuff is so similar and simple
to port from crux-x86 and crux-ppc. :-)
(Just thinking about a single LiveCD which installs to ppc as well as x86 :-)

The CPU here is an MPC8540 PowerPC with an e500 core, which has an SPE
(Signal Processing Engine (=some fixpoint stuff)) instead of an Altivec unit.

> i started to work some time ago on a new toolchain with gcc 4.1
> and glibc4 but then i stopped as it was too different from crux-2.2 toolchain.
> Anyway such a toolchain should give a sharp advantage on processors with
> altivec and on the top of that we could try libfreevec and other
> altivec-related amenities...

Hmm, I remember that I've read something about that some time ago.
Anyway, we should think about glibc4+gcc4.2. Well, it's just a bunch of
work to do, but doable.


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