The ever lasting story: hard disk partitioning

RedShift redshift at
Sun Oct 22 19:59:27 UTC 2006


Usually I don't really care about hard disk partitioning, because most 
of my computers are just workstations. One big /, a swap partition and 
sometimes a small /boot partition. However, now I want to install a 
server and I'm not quite sure my partition scheme is chosen wisely:

/boot		<- 25 mb
swap		<- 1 GB (server has 1 gb ram)
/		<- 2 GB
/usr/local	<- 500 MB
/home		<- The rest

Point of /usr/local is for all custom compiled software (not the 
packages from the CRUX repositories). Now this all looks good, but there 
are 2 problems with this setup:

1) /var is on the root volume (/), which is 2 GB in size. Ofcourse, when 
the system is under attack or some other reason /var fills up, my / is 
full and this could lead to a dangerous situation (not being able to log 
in anymore). Also the logs are on the same volume. Would it be wise to 
create under /home for example /home/system/logs and let /var/log be a 
symlink to that?

2) /tmp can fill up too. I would consider mounting /tmp with tmpfs, 512 
MB in size, is that enough for server purposes? (Web/mail/general purpose)

Thanks for your advice.


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