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2006/8/31, Johannes Winkelmann <jw at>:
> Hi,
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Thanks Johannes,

Sorry that i have to continue this dead thread. But i am still
struggling with my file-system.
Ok, I ignored the recommendation from the handbook. But i keep moving.
I want to go to reiserfs for some reasons and prepared a partition with

"mkreiserfs -b 512 /dev/hda4"

however mounting the partition with

"mount /dev/hda4 /mnt"

gives me a "floating point exception".

Is there anything i can do to avoid this?
The crux list has no reference to this and doing a google search on
the topic seems to give only a bunch of completely unrelated links.
gdb gives me a backtrace with

#0 blkid_llseek () from /lib/
#1 blkid_verify () from /lib/
#2 blkid_get_dev () from /lib/
#3 blkid_get_tag_value () from /lib/
#4 error ()

Is there somthing wrong in my system? I can hardly imagine what that
might be... My kernel? My My kernel is self-compiled. i never touched...

thanks for any help...


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