Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Wed Sep 6 09:51:19 UTC 2006

Hi There!

I want to migrate a selfmade proprietary LFS embedded powerpc
system to follow the CRUX look&feel by hosting port repositories
for my architecture and use the crux package tools to keep several
of those machines in sync and up to date.

1. Is there some documentation available for the lazy guys
(i.e. from the CRUX-PPC folks) to avoid duplicate brainwork?
Any pointers would be appreciated.

2. Is it possible / a good idea to build the ports db by
package-by-package migration (installation / update) via my own
ports tree just starting it, installing over the existing system?
And once this is finished, is it a good idea to remove the files
carefully from the filesystem which are not part of a package in
the db?
Is there a way to show/remove stale files from the system which
are not needed (not in the db) anymore?


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