Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Wed Sep 6 12:59:04 UTC 2006

Hi, Giorgio!

>>1. Is there some documentation available for the lazy guys
>>(i.e. from the CRUX-PPC folks) to avoid duplicate brainwork?
> yep we've been lazy lately but there is a crux-ppc 2.2 (it's alpha but it's
> quite usable) available if you go to seek on our "improvements" forum...

Okay, is there a separate mailing list where the crux-ppc people get
together? I don't speak italian, so crux-it might not be very helpful to me.
(BTW: is way too slow for serious work over here)

I think that my system - an MPC8540 embedded PPC (BookE, e500 core)
should be able to get along with the default ppc stuff most of the time.

>>2. Is it possible / a good idea to build the ports db by
>>package-by-package migration (installation / update) via my own
>>ports tree just starting it, installing over the existing system?
> the plain crux (or crux-ppc, if you go back a couple of versions of it you
> might find a more readable one) Makefile should be ok to do that.

Jup, I've just built pkgutils + friends.
Is there an outline of an diff of the ppc vs. the x86 crux infrastructure
somewhere documented?

> installing everything somewhere else and using the new environment should be a
> better idea...

Yep, good point. Maybe I try some overlay filesystem stuff and separate
the old from the new stuff that way.
I don't like the dual-root approach somehow yet... hmm...

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