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Thu Sep 7 07:45:44 UTC 2006

Hi, Giorgio

Giorgio Agrelli wrote:

> Hello Clemens,
> Unfortunately we don't have a mailing list... we might open one international
> mailing list on, i have to ask a friend... Do you think it could
> be helpful?? I'm not sure about how many persons would subscribe to it,
> probably very few... but if that could help the development and the users...
> well, let's do it! ;-)

Hmm, I prefer mailing lists because the main OpenSource development
communication is going on in mailing lists. I am subscribed to about 15 lists.
Checking 15 different places for information is just not efficient for me.

>> (BTW: is way too slow for serious work over here)
> are you talking about the forum??? well the new look is really ugly i think,
> i've been asking giulivo to change that but he became lazy lately... :-(
> But it doesn't look so slow to me...

I don't care much about the design, as long as the content is okay.
But the speed is reallly far off comfortable!
It takes about 10 seconds to load to
see the content, about 10 more seconds to finish loading with the white
background. Reading the forum means getting a coffee-addict first.
I see no way to get me on that train.

>> I think that my system - an MPC8540 embedded PPC (BookE, e500 core)
>> should be able to get along with the default ppc stuff most of the time.
> I hope it will! :) anyway if you want to join the development team, you're
> welcome...


> we should change quite a bit of things (site, forum, cvs accounts
> on sunsite) to manage working together, but i hope we will eventually manage
> to have things fixed.

I hardly work with cvs. I prefer git which is more powerful.
As already mentioned, I think about getting a root-server for all my stuff.

Hmm... pkgtools, prt-get, httpup are working fine - out of the x86 tree.
I just have to manually get rid of my old out-of-db files first when I
install packages. An example of the new ppc stuff as of today:

root at ecam:/usr/ports/core/udev$ pkgmk -i
=======> Package '/usr/ports/core/udev/udev#096-4.pkg.tar.gz' is up to date.
=======> Installing '/usr/ports/core/udev/udev#096-4.pkg.tar.gz'.
pkgadd /usr/ports/core/udev/udev#096-4.pkg.tar.gz
pkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)
=======> ERROR: Installing '/usr/ports/core/udev/udev#096-4.pkg.tar.gz' failed.

root at ecam:/usr/ports/core/udev$ prt-get listinst

Is there already a way to get the conflicting files out of my LFS-tree
moved to i.e. var/lib/pkg/removed/... and with the names written to a
logfile? The -f is too destructive for me, I want to be able to go back to
the previous version if I run into troubles.

> The point is that i suspect giulivo is not interested any more in the
> development of crux-ppc; in the past he destroyed big part of the work i did
> on 64bit systems and on documentation (and of course i was mad for that so for
> a long while i wasn't willing to do anything for crux-ppc) to have something
> similar to crux 2.2 the quick and dirty way. Then he abandoned the thing
> again, and left the cvs in a complete mess and i wasn't able to work with all
> those screwed up files any more...
> Well this stuff is irrelevant to you i'm telling just to explain our
> "lazyness" lately...

Okay, I understand. Time squeezes all men under it's foot like a bug.

Just to give you a focus:
For me, I am doing this (ppc stuff) at work for the company in this
project (an embedded mobile high performance framegrabber).
We have some Mac G4's here as well, with CRUX-2.0 on it.
There was also a G5/64 but no CRUX on it yet due n/a of a distribution.
I do have several x86 and x86-64 with crux on it at the company and at home.

> The cvs tree is really messy now, anyway you should only look at ppc directory
> now and gcc64 if your processor is 64bit (core and opt are obsolete); with the
> new tree layout we only have ports that differ from the x86 tree (we used to
> have all the ports, even the ones that were identical).

I am 32bit only. We don't have a G5/64 here yet.
I am just about to start a new tree... my toolchain (arch=ppc, -me500)
(selfmade from scratch) will be in there as well in the future.

> If you look at the cvs comments, sometimes there is an hint about the
> differences... i proposed to add a field in the pkgfile to explain that but
> none wanted to do that so we didn't do that any more...

That's a pity. That's exactly the information which makes me happy. :-(

> Anyway on the toolchain stuff and on other things you can ask me by mail if
> you wish.

Jep... currently, I have to get an efficient (hacked) solution as quick as
possible as we want to go to a fair by sept. 26 and some new hardware should
be up and running also. But after that and some vacation, I will be
around to spend some time to crux, too, hopefully. :-)

Best greets,

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