Diverting from upstream

Mark Rosenstand mark at borkware.net
Fri Sep 8 08:44:22 UTC 2006


One of my personal likings of CRUX is that it's easy to customize and
extend. Because it (used to?) keep as close to upstream as possible,
there tend to be fewer distribution-specific bugs.

A couple of days ago I saw that the openbox port was moving a file
because the maintainer thought it was misplaced, but it wasn't (see
http://crux.nu/svnweb/CRUX/revision/?rev=1781) - since the maintainer
happened to be tilman, the change was reverted 5 seconds after I told
him it was bogus and 10 seconds before I requested a revert :)

I've been using/packaging the dchroot utility from Debian for a while.
It's a small setuid utility to allow regular users to chroot into a
specified list of directories. Because the path of 'su' is hardcoded
to /bin/su and CRUX keeps su in /usr/bin/su, I've only used it for
Debian chroots (running on CRUX) so far. Now, the other day I accidently
looked at the shadow Pkgfile, and to my surprise su is actually
installed in /bin and then moved manually to /usr/bin.

To avoid these kinds of distribution-specific problems, I'm kindly
asking packagers to think twice before deciding to divert from upstream
- perhaps even limiting it to "required for essential functioning of the
package" and basic CRUX integration (no nls, man-pages in /usr/man,
etc.) :)

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