Diverting from upstream

Matthias Pfeifer mpfeifer77 at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 8 10:14:17 UTC 2006


2006/9/8, Mark Rosenstand <mark at borkware.net>:

> > > I've been using/packaging the dchroot utility from Debian for a while.
> > > It's a small setuid utility to allow regular users to chroot into a
> > > specified list of directories. Because the path of 'su' is hardcoded
> > > to /bin/su and CRUX keeps su in /usr/bin/su, I've only used it for
> > > Debian chroots (running on CRUX) so far. Now, the other day I accidently
> > > looked at the shadow Pkgfile, and to my surprise su is actually
> > > installed in /bin and then moved manually to /usr/bin.
> >
> > Per probably had a good reason to do this... Would be okay by me to undo
> > that change though.
> Looking forward, it'd be nice if packagers would comment why they do
> such things in the Pkgfiles (unless it's obvious, say "mv
> $PKG/usr/share/man $PKG/usr/man")

I am still a crux-newbee and take a look to the handbook quiet a lot.
Installing most of a packages stuff under /usr is listed as one of the
major guidelines in "http://crux.nu/Main/Handbook2-2#ntoc24". A
comment on this specific topic should maybe be placed at this place.


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