Building X11R7.1

Darran Kartaschew darran.kartaschew at
Tue Sep 12 02:02:13 UTC 2006

Hi Guys,

I'm currently reinstalling CRUX (due to a HDD failure), and decided to
try out Danm's v2.2 AMD64 test build.

Being one for trying new stuff, I've successfully installed the latest
kernel revision and have decided to try out X11R7.1 from (If I
stuff it up, nothing's lost due to being a clean install).

Anyway, I'm only getting about 90% the way through the install, with an
error on xkbcomp causing a floating point exception when rebuilding the
keyboard template files?

I've googled quite a bit and haven't come across anyone else with the
same error. That leads me to believe that it may be distro related,
rather than a bug in X (but if it's s bug, does anyone have a patch?).
Or could it be related to GCC 4.0.3? (I know there are issues with
Mozilla and gcc4.0.3).

So if anyone has successfully built X11R7.1 on CRUX v2.2 (AMD64) using
gcc 4.0.3, can you please let me know how and what you did? 

If an upgrade to gcc 4.1.x is required, some pointers on the best way to
update it would be appreciated.

I'm trying to install straight from the bz2 tarballs (using that script
provided), and have read through the README several times... (I don't
have an active internet connection at home, and the firewall at work
currently blocks git:// so can't get the absolutely bleeding edge

Cheers, Darran

PS. I do realise that Dan's build of CRUX v2.2 (AMD64) is considered a
test version and the build/project is effectively dead... 
PPS. A copy of this email has been sent to the crux64 ml, but don't know
how many people still sunscribe to it...

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