Some ports need addressing!

Eric M. Fortner asemf7 at
Mon Sep 18 00:25:24 UTC 2006

Hello folks!
I have some ports that all not working!

J2re : will not ever download only gets partial then dies
psmisc : keeps having a .md5sum mismatch
firefox-flash-plugin : keeps having a .md5sum mismatch

I donot mind trying to fix some of these issues, however,
I am not familiar or do not know how to long or do what needs
to be done.

I can say for sure though, that this needs to be addressed because
I depend on this OS for school and it is not convenient to 
have to try to keep working around issues of mismatched
md5sums......Maybe you could ask if we can all take a package
or two so we can keep it updated cleanly and on time.

Best Regards;

Eric M Fortner

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