Some ports need addressing!

Antti Nykänen aon at
Mon Sep 18 18:16:56 UTC 2006

On 2006-09-18 at 10:02, Eric M. Fortner wrote:
> If you go back you little shit you will see that I have been using it
> since Per fisrt started it(mailing list).....go back little boy about 4+
> years ago and see that I have never complained or made any bad comments
> to your little "I am complaining"

The first release was in January 2001. Now I'm not a maths person but
I'd still dare to say 5+ years if I claimed to have used it since the

> Now listen here.......If you were such a guru you would not be sitting here
> on a mailing list being a little would be useful and helpful
> and on task with being efficient and making this ditro flow better than it is.

Useful and helpful like you?

> So take your little uneducated and young unexperienced bullshit in life
> and learn to group with people instead of fighting with them.

Uneducated? Your writing doesn't make you

> No get your head out of your ass and figure out how the package system
> can run over the internet a little a little respect to your
> selves on us you can do something besides be little
> shits on a mailing list....

You probably should turn down the "hostility" knob and switch on the
"clue" switch. It's been said before, there's little we can do about
sourceforge being nasty.

> Best regards to you to sir!

Oh look! A compliment! Disregard everything above.

- Antti

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