Some ports need addressing!

Eric M. Fortner asemf7 at
Wed Sep 20 02:11:11 UTC 2006

Go back to when this first started.......I did not rant sir....
I am trying to learn why sometimes ports source code does not
download......and so I posted a conversation piece to learn why...!
I was met with a sarcastic little response from a guy before you.....then a sarcastic
response from, I said F&^%-it and will just do it manual and
go back to my classes.
I do not have time to develope packages, I am in school with
16 credit hours......and work 15 hours a week.....hardly time for
developement of an OS and its package management system.
So I use Crux because it is lite and is pretty understandable by the common
student who uses it in place of Microsoft or its office tools.

So again sir....with all due respect  to your knowledge of this issue,
you in fact were a smart ass in your first reply to me before you knew
my lists have a way of hiding "Our" facial expressions
or tones of voice.....

Again I will show respect and wish you a great day!

Best Regards to you!

P.S. I do not know why it is posting two times to the list.......I have routed
my email through the server on campus. I even get two emails from people
at the university.

On Tue, 19 Sep 2006 22:56:57 +0200
Rouven Schürch <schuerch at> wrote:

> Hi Eric
> > Okay.....lets get something straight here " in young boy"
> > I did not complain, rant or place or forward into or about "Crux" in my email.
> > I am learning like eveyone else........You have failed and can not even show I showed
> > hostility towards this distrubution. If you go back you little shit
> > you will see that I have been using it since Per fisrt started it(mailing list).....go back
> > little boy about 4+ years ago and see that I have never complained or 
> > made any bad comments to your little "I am complaining"
> It's the sound that makes the music ... writing to a mailing list 
> multiple times with the same issue, placing a '!' after the subject 
> doesn't encourage people to being very helpful.
> And you did rant about crux, 'some ports need addressing': if they were 
> indeed broken, you could actually try to fix them.
> > Now listen here.......If you were such a guru you would not be sitting here
> > on a mailing list being a little would be useful and helpful
> > and on task with being efficient and making this ditro flow better than it is.
> For starters, you could make up a few ports of your own, thats the crux 
> way of making the distribution any better. Addressing people with 
> f-words isn't actually helpful, nor very polite.
> > So take your little uneducated and young unexperienced bullshit in life
> > and learn to group with people instead of fighting with them.
> No need to comment on that ...
> > No get your head out of your ass and figure out how the package system
> > can run over the internet a little a little respect to your
> > selves on us you can do something besides be little
> > shits on a mailing list....
> Did you actually read my email? Did you have a look at the FAQ I pointed 
>   out?
> Rouven
> -- 
> Rouven Schürch               e-mail: schuerch at
> CH-2554 Meinisberg

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