md5sum of crux-2.2.iso on primary source wrong!?

Simone Rota sip at
Wed Sep 20 23:11:18 UTC 2006

Wolfgang Esslinger wrote:
> Hi,


> could someone (maybe Per) please check the crux-2.2.iso on the primary
> host?
> I have just downloaded it and also the md5sum file - the computed md5sum
> is different!!!
> bash-2.05a# md5sum /scratch/Incoming/crux-2.2.iso
> b571c445fe669aa87f8ca140142590e6  /scratch/Incoming/crux-2.2.iso
> bash-2.05a# cat /scratch/Incoming/crux-2.2.iso.md5
> 6be7d2e8f8127a9a71496293da10907e  crux-2.2.iso

just downloaded from ,
the md5sum is ok here.


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