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Tobias Richter tri at
Fri Sep 22 09:23:55 UTC 2006

Hi guys,

I'm quit new to the crux community but i really like it - it's one of the best distribution i used so far (the ports system is really great and crux linux is so kiss).

But there are is one point where crux can not keep up with other distributions and that is the help for "crux newbies" (i don't meen linux newbies for this species maybe a other disti. is better...). There is quit a good documentation but the only way where a user can ask questitions are irc or the mailinglist. I like irc and mailinglists, but forums are quit normal for every distribution and they have disadvantage but they also advantages specialy for new users. And forums are mostly better adoptive then mailinglists - so nearly every distri. have a forum only crux linux have none. Hence i have simply put a forum under the domain please review and maybe someone can put a link at to the forum ?

I respect Johannes thoughts about a forum and we will follow them:
1. for this to work, motivated CRUX _users_ must take the responsibility to provide help/support there
2. the mailing list is authoritive and the place for "official" discussion.

So the Subject of this Email isn't right it should be "official mailinglist and web forum"

And I need help (mods etc.) - pleace email me if you want to help !

Please don't slap me - it is only a experiment. When nobody is interested in the forum i close it...

Tell me your thoughts !

Best Regards,
Tobias 'tri' Richter

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