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Fri Sep 22 21:22:25 UTC 2006

Hitoshi, forwarded as per your request.  Now I'm going to comment on it

If Crux adoption was bigger I may agree that segregating the forum could
be a good idea.  Thus letting the developers develop and letting the
users use.
But... the Crux user base is not that big.

I don't believe the Crux mailing list is not solely for crux
developments.  Unless I am mistaken I think anything Crux happens here.
Crux is a fairly small community (comparatively).  By having a
segregated forum you will not have all/as many knowledgeable users to
look at your issue.  I for 1 will prob not sign up (being the most
unknowledgeable one here, prob not a loss).  I prefer to have the
request for help to come to me, not to have to go looking for them.  You
also get duplication of content.

Also I believe other non official crux forums (and projects) have
sprouted up and died.  Unless it is official (or has a really dedicated
admin) be aware that any knowledge gathered will probably disappear if
the forum dies.  

I'm done spewing..

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From: Hitoshi Satow [mailto:satowh at hotmail.com] 
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Subject: RE: mailinglist vs web forum

I'm a noob to linux.  I chose CRUX because of it's simplistic yet
nature.  I've learned a lot.  I think having a place for users to post
CRUX usage related questions would be sweet nuggets  and would help new 
users learn faster.

Reserve the mailing list for CRUX development.  Create a forum for 
CRUX/Linux usage.


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>Subject: RE: mailinglist vs web forum
>Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 10:18:43 -0600
>Ahh yes the ago old debate.  Personally I would like to see both
>I like the mailinglist because it comes to me, with a web forum you
>to go to it.  I do believe a web forum would open up crux to more users
>(user friendly), modern looking, etc....  It also provides a searchable
>archive (I know crux has one already).
>Perhaps something like the following is an option.  The best of both
>worlds one could say.... It also addresses another concern of a
>fragmented user community.  I have never used it.
>I'm sure other options exist
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>Subject: RE: mailinglist vs web forum
>Hi guys,
>I'm quit new to the crux community but i really like it - it's one of
>the best distribution i used so far (the ports system is really great
>and crux linux is so kiss).
>But there are is one point where crux can not keep up with other
>distributions and that is the help for "crux newbies" (i don't meen
>linux newbies for this species maybe a other disti. is better...).
>is quit a good documentation but the only way where a user can ask
>questitions are irc or the mailinglist. I like irc and mailinglists,
>forums are quit normal for every distribution and they have
>but they also advantages specialy for new users. And forums are mostly
>better adoptive then mailinglists - so nearly every distri. have a
>only crux linux have none. Hence i have simply put a forum under the
>domain crux-forum.com. please review and maybe someone can put a link
>crux.nu to the forum ?
>I respect Johannes thoughts about a forum and we will follow them:
>1. for this to work, motivated CRUX _users_ must take the
>to provide help/support there
>2. the mailing list is authoritive and the place for "official"
>So the Subject of this Email isn't right it should be "official
>mailinglist and web forum"
>And I need help (mods etc.) - pleace email me if you want to help !
>Please don't slap me - it is only a experiment. When nobody is
>interested in the forum i close it...
>Tell me your thoughts !
>Best Regards,
>Tobias 'tri' Richter
>send me a mail: tri at imi.st
>visit me at: http://opt.imi.st

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