Can't boot into multi-user mode

Darran Kartaschew darran.kartaschew at
Sun Sep 24 22:20:50 UTC 2006

Hi Robin,

Have you migrated your the system from using devfs to udev? IIRC it was
about the 2.6.13 series that devfs was disabled in the kernel and all
systems should use udev from that point on... 


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Hi CRUXers!

I'm using CRUX 2.1. Yesterday I compiled a new kernel (2.6.13-3) because
I needed inotify (file system event monitoring).

As the subject already says, it gets stuck during the multi-user phase.
If I set inittab to '1' (single-user) it all goes well. But whenever I
want to go back to level 2, the system hangs.

Help wanted,

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