"Packager" field

Mark Rosenstand mark at borkware.net
Thu Sep 28 22:27:20 UTC 2006


I've noticed that many of the recent port adoptions in opt and core have
only changed the Maintainer: field and not added a Packager: field for
the previous maintainer. In the past I've also noticed a bunch of
commits pretty much randomly changing those fields, in particular some
of sten's (danm's previous) ports.

Personally I've always wondered what that sort of useless information is
doing in an otherwise sparse system like CRUX ports. Sure, the creator
of the port could get some credit, but really, creating a port is
usually a matter of seconds for the autotools-based ones, minutes for
others (in general) and a couple of hours for the really tricky/polished

I also tend to think that the Maintainer: field could be left out and a
repo-wide contact address be used instead (being a virtual one for repos
with multiple maintainers) - but it does make sense for 'contrib' in its
current form, at least, so lets leave that out for today.

Anyway, it'd be nice to reach some consensus and see some consistency
with the use of that field. Is the info useful? Could it be located
elsewhere, e.g. commit messages? If not, wouldn't (multiple)
Contributor: fields make more sense, or will there always be at most 2
people contributing to a port?

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