Yet another install method

Bernd Eggink monoped at
Wed Aug 1 14:08:54 UTC 2007

I just installed Crux 2.3 on an old IBM Thinkpad X24, where neither the 
normal installation method nor the NFS method proposed by Jürgen Daubert 
worked. The peculiar situation is that this notebook has an external USB 
cdrom drive, which the Crux installation system can't handle, and no floppy 
drive to boot from.

This is the solution I found. Maybe it can be of use to others, too.

1. Boot the system from a live Linux CD-ROM with good hardware detection, 
like Knoppix.
2. Create a partition on the hard disk big enough to hold the contents of 
the Crux CD-ROM.
3. Make a file system in this partition.
4. Copy the contents of the Crux CD-ROM to the file system's root. Provided 
that your network is working, transfer it using scp or NFS from another 
system, or use a USB stick.
5. Shut down the system and boot again, now from the Crux CD-ROM. At the 
boot prompt, say "CRUX root=/dev/hdaX", where hdaX is the partition you 

The rest is the same as with a normal install. As soon as the system is 
running, the additional partition can be deleted, re-used as a swap 
partition or whatever.


Bernd Eggink
monoped at

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