Hopfully another installation method

Clemens Koller clemens.koller at anagramm.de
Fri Aug 3 11:29:42 UTC 2007

Per Jernström schrieb:
> I think it would be nice if the boot-cd also came with sshd. I don't mean
> as a precompiled package, but bundeled.

A running network and ssh is definitely useful on the boot cd.

> A while back I installed crux on a machine 200 km from home and the
> customer that ordered it had just basic knowledge about computers and non
> about linux. So I told him to download, burn and boot Knoppix and with a
> couple simple commands start sshd.

I installed the CRUX core system on my local machine, kernel configured
for my local as well as the remote machine (both of course x86).
Then I tar.bz2'ed the whole CRUX installation (only 89MBytes), pushed it
with scp to the remote which has booted the Knoppix (configured by my hoster)
from USB. I partitioned, formatted, untar.bz2'ed CRUX to that partition
and ran lilo... after a reboot, CRUX came up with ssh just fine...

I had no choice to let the hoster insert something else as their
network-pre-configured stuff and I didn't want to rebuild the CRUX cd
only for their network configuration.

Imagine doing that with a proprietary OS installation?! :-P

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