imlib-conf is missing

Jeremy Heiler jeremyheiler at
Sun Aug 5 14:32:47 UTC 2007

I'm new to Crux (and linux in general) but I've managed to get Crux  
installed and working. I'm currently updating my system and trying to  
get IceWM installed. The problem is when I "pkgmk -d" icewm (that I  
used httpup to get) it gives me the error:

"configure: error: imlib-config can not be found"

So I looked for imlib in ports and I found imlib2 and imlib2_loader  
and installed those. I tried to install IceWM again but the same  
error came up. I searched Google for "imlib-conf" but all I found was  
that the file should of been made when I installed imlib2?

I'm sorta confused.

- jer

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