Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Mon Aug 6 08:43:55 UTC 2007

Hi, Anton!

Anton Vorontsov schrieb:
> It's been a long time from the previous version announcement (1.1).
> Three versions released silently, so here is version 1.5 of the
> pkgutils-c: unofficial pkgutils for CRUX, rewritten in C.

Nice work!

> Few bugs and memory leaks fixed, speed ups and some cosmetic changes.
> Nothing drastically new, so far.

Can you point out places where pkgutils-c's behaviour is not 100%
compatible with pkgutils - from the user's point of view.

> Another news is: in addition to ARM and i686, pkgutils-c now
> tested to work on PowerPC 32.

ACK! verified on embedded PowerPC 32, gcc-4.2.1.

I just want to complain about /etc/pkg{add,mk}.conf:
Can you please tab-align the columns instead of using some odd
number of spaces? Thank you!

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