problems with EPIA M

fikin nikolai.fiikov at
Sun Aug 12 01:40:02 UTC 2007

>Well, the CD isn't broken, Nikolai?
it is ok.

this is most peculiar indeed.

i've spent quite some time with this, basically booting, trying various
options and again. also i was testing with another motherboard: via kt333
(featuring vt8233 chipset).

first error comes only under epia motherboard.
and the bazaar think is that occasionally it would work fine. no
explanations on my side.

second error is a due to failed bunziping of the kernel tar (which btw does
not alter setup's exit status, errors are only mentioned in the log file).
this error is reproducible reliably on both motherboards. no exceptions.
if it wasn't  for qemu i'd claim a broken tar file is used.

is there something special about via support in crux installation kernel?

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