problems with EPIA M

fikin nikolai.fiikov at
Sun Aug 12 18:28:47 UTC 2007

ok fellas, i think there is a simple answer to all these problems: high
speed cd burning.

given the fact that i'm using two separate cdrom drives with the two
and given the fact that one of them actually burned the cd in question,
and given the fact that bash/bunzip errors did not indicate any disk io
it comes as a rather unexpected surprise to me but :

epia system was occasionally hanging right after loading udev.
i always though it was due to the very same reason bash/unzip were failing.
after all, there were no disk io errors, and the errors were repeatable.

so, at some point i though i should also give a try with some other cdrom.
just for any case.
and imagine my surprise, the result was a perfectly working installation.

i guess this settles the whole affair. happily ;)

to me, it is still hard to connect the bash broken pipes with faulty cd
reading ...

thanks for the help guys

p.s. apparently via chipset is supported just fine in 2.6.20.
and yes, via Samuel chipset (epia m) reports i686 but in fact has to be
threated as i586.
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