bash#3.2.17-1 failed

Johannes Winkelmann jw at
Tue Aug 14 10:50:59 UTC 2007


On Tue, Aug 14, 2007 at 13:07:56 +0300, fikin wrote:
> >>The dependencies of the core packages are not included
> >>in the core packages. That's CRUX' philosophy.
> >That's not correct. See [1] for the according CRUX rules.
> i followed following steps:
> 1) install core system
> 2) ports -u
> 3) prt-get sysup
> and 3) failed because:
> a) libarchive failed pkgutils
> b) bison failed bash
> (the fix was to first prt-get depinst all of them)
> so, what is wrong with this use case that it fails out of the box?
> core deps or prt-get? or the procedure?
In the case of bison it seems that there was no update available, and
a recompilation of the same version was needed to make it work on your
architecture. 'sysup' will only rebuild a package if there's a newer
one in the ports tree, which wasn't the case here.

For pkgutils/libarchive, this is the intended behaviour of prt-get,
which is not to add missing dependencies during 'sysup'. The reason for
this is that in past, CRUX users wanted to have keep the control over
the dependencies they install, and have the possibility to ignore
certain dependencies if they want to. To honour these decision, 'sysup'
won't bring in any dependencies later on.
The problem is that prt-get has no way to know whether a missing
dependency was omitted intentionally, or added in a recent update, thus
fails in the case of pkgutils/libarchive.

I can see why this feels "wrong" to you, however it's a direct
consequence of feature some users previously considered one of the
strength of CRUX.

HTH, Johannes
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