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Clemens Koller clemens.koller at
Tue Aug 14 11:04:19 UTC 2007

Hi, Juergen!

Juergen Daubert schrieb:
>> The dependencies of the core packages are not included
>> in the core packages. That's CRUX' philosophy.
> That's not correct. See [1] for the according CRUX rules.
> [1]

That was a sloppy phrase of mine, but I don't see much
difference to [1]:
# 'core' contains essential packages for a CRUX system,
and our scripts and ports expect them programs provided
by 'core' to be installed; this means that

* build dependencies provided by core are not
listed in the dependency header
* run-time dependencies from core which aren't
dynamically linked in are not to be listed, either
[quote off]

I just ran some times into missing dependencies while
fundling with core packages on partially installed systems.

Another example is the "new" libarchive dependency
of pkgutils Nikolai ran into...
We have had this discussion already. An optional (default on after
a fresh installation) warning about changed/ignored dependencies
would at least give the user a reminder that he should check the
dependencies manually.
Johannes just explained (again)... what the system could have done

Well, these are the little pits and traps with CRUX you
need to know...
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