port sdl_ttf in opt build error

treach treachster at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 10:07:33 UTC 2007

On 00:52 Tue 21 Aug?, Ricardo Oliveira wrote:
> This list sure is interesting...
> Mr. Satow could have provided aditional info 

He could indeed hardly have provided *less*.

> on his problem but what kind of reply is that?

Ahem, let me think. "The friendly version of what you get when you post
crap requests for help." That kind of requests is unhelpful, a waste of
time, and could have gotten him flamed to cinders on other mailinglists
- IMO he got off easy.
> I think that one of the ideas behind the mailing list must of been to
>help whoever as issues with the distribution!Sadly this is not the 
>first time a situation like this happens.

Having problems, or even being a newbie is no excuse for posting stupid
requests for help that nobody, no matter how benevolent, could possibly
act on, unless they are into divination.

Hopefully Hitoshi doesn't get too intimidated, and returns some other
day with a more well thought out post, but I think most people agree
that we can do without posts of the type "My computer no workie, help!!"

EOD, ok?


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