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Jiri Belka jiri.b at sendmail.cz
Wed Feb 7 14:12:00 UTC 2007

Hello all,

I'm beginner with Crux. It's nice, simple.

I know that "...all packages are plain tar.gz files (i.e. without any  
kind of meta
data).", but using unofficial repositories I often fall in situation  
that ports -d shows
me a lot of updated ports even for core/opt/contrib ports...

I think we could easy add a feature which would protect  
core/opt/contrib (other) ports
against updates/update_information from other ports categories.

Unfortunatelly, it would mean to add some metadata file in package or  
to add category
name in package file name...

The goal of this is to protect core/opt/contrib categories from being  
updated by other
ports, or even to protect my own customization of core/opt/contrib ports...

We could make some exclude config file:


In this situation we could protect all core/opt/contrib categories and  
the second line
would protect my own apache-1.3* port from other apache version in  
myports category...

Huh, I don't know it could be stupid idea...

What do you think?

Best regards

jiri.b at sendmail.cz

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