Adding the 2.2 ports tree to a 2.0 install.

Patrik Arlos patrik.arlos at
Wed Feb 7 20:21:15 UTC 2007


I've got a bunch of old Crux boxes running, some as old as 0.94, however
patched with the latest, or semi, latest ports trees. However, now have a
slight problem. 

I got a three 2.0 boxes, where I'd like to upgrade the ports tree to the one
found in 2.2. So, I'd recon its just a matter of adding the ports
descriptors in /etc/ports, making sure that the ports end up in a suitable
directory (like /usr/ports/core-2.2/ etc). And that done, run ports -u. Well
then it was the small problem of having rsync. Ok, I know that I've seen it
in the 2.0 ports tree somewhere and sure it is there. Now the problem
arrived, that port pointed to the equivalent of /dev/null. 

Previously, it was possible to browse the ports three through the web, so if
push came to shove the info could be obtained through the web, and manually
downloaded into the appropriate files and catalogues. This is now not
possible, or at least I haven't figured out how. 

So, gentlemen what is the easiest way for me to upgrade my 2.0 boxes to the
2.2 ports tree? Given that I only have a 2.0 ports tree to start with.


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