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Sat Feb 10 10:17:22 UTC 2007

CRUX PPC is almost ready... here the first release candidate:

If we get feedback that everything is alright, the stable release will
come in the next two weeks.

It took a while to get ready, but we're glad to announce that this
release supports Apple PowerPC hardware (both 32 and 64 bit), Genesi
PegasosII (with some tweaking it should get installed on PegasosI too),
Genesi EFIKA (there is a nice howto on the many ways to install Crux
PPC on it) and presumably more MPC5200B boards, IBM RISC/6000 32bit
CHRP and IBM pSeries. Hardware support for Apple iBooks is almost full,
only the proprietary modem drivers don't seem to get along well with
recent kernels; all the known issues with the 2.2rc are now solved.

Cjg contributed to the project with suggestions, a very cool kernel
patch with customized logo, and by porting Ilenia to our ports layout;
now you can use Ilenia as your ports/packages management tool, it's on
the cd.
Our repos now include software of daily use like
OpenOffice2, mplayer, jre/jdk, eclipse and more (we hope MOL, qemu,
gnash and other ports that we already have partly working) will be
there soon.

We're really looking forward to receive feedback and suggestions; The
most useful thing to test is booting and disk detection on all flavours
of Apple 64bit, IBM Risc/6000 and pSeries, and on Pegasos{II,I} (we
don't own that kind of hardware, so even really simple tests/comments
would be helpful).

So have fun and please don't hesitate to write down your
esperience and impressions here

The handbook is available here:
note that only chapters up to install chapter (included) are up to
date, the upgrade chapter still refers to devfs device names, and is
missing most of the notes on hardware support. Remaining chapters need
small adaptation to the new ports layout and hints on how to use
prt-get and ilenia on the multiarch ports tree.

And here the nice HowTo  on EFIKA install:
it will be soon ported to docbook-xml.

The Crux PPC Team

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