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Thu Feb 15 09:32:52 UTC 2007

> Dave McGuire wrote:
> [...] I'm posting to ask about the SPARC64 port of CRUX.  The latest
> [...] Are there plans to bring this up to date?  

if there are, i'm interested too... i can cohoperate with its maintainance
too... BTW i'm using Johannes' 2.1rc on an ultra5 at home and it works fine,
just adapt it to udev and get some new ports... I will probably try to install
it on some Enterprise 450 and maybe on some more recent machines...
I plan to try a toolchain build soon with recent ports, that's why i want to
install it at work (because i see my ultra5 only once every two week-ends).

> home and at work are UltraSPARC machines running Solaris (only a few are
> x86, all of which are running CRUX), but more of them would run CRUX if
> a more recent release were available.

yes, i'd love that too, but consider that in many enterprise contexts you
can't do without java (i mean sun java with sun classpath or compatible), and
there is none for linux/sparc (think that linux/ppc is greatly penalized by
this either), so solaris is the only choice too often :(



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