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Thu Feb 15 20:30:00 UTC 2007

Giorgio Agrelli napisał(a):
>> Dave McGuire wrote:
>> [...] I'm posting to ask about the SPARC64 port of CRUX.  The latest
>> [...] Are there plans to bring this up to date?  
> if there are, i'm interested too... 

I would also be interested in running recent CRUX on my Ultra 10!

> yes, i'd love that too, but consider that in many enterprise contexts you
> can't do without java (i mean sun java with sun classpath or compatible), and
> there is none for linux/sparc (think that linux/ppc is greatly penalized by
> this either), so solaris is the only choice too often :(

Let's hope that GNU Sun Java would change this situation. Maybe someone 
will port do the port...


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