Pkgfile question

Joel Brooks jbrooks at
Sat Feb 17 04:18:17 UTC 2007


i'm trying to make a port for a package (liblockfile from debian).

the package name at the download source contains an underscore (_) character.

the source line in the Pkgfile is:


when i do a pkgmk in my port directory, i get the following:

=======> ERROR: Source file
'/usr/ports/oddelement/liblockfile/1.06.1.tar.gz' not found (use
option -d to download).

note the file name part of the error message only contains the
$version.  the $name is gone.

I think it has something to do with this line in pkgmk:

local FILE="`echo $1 | sed 's|^.*://.*/||g'`"
(line 36)

when i simulate this on the command line, i get this:
# echo
|sed 's|^.*://.*/||g'

it seems that what is happening is that the sed line is stripping the
$name part of the source line at the underscore.

I'm having trouble getting this to work.

anyone have any suggestions?



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