Contrib members.

pitillo pitillo at
Wed Feb 28 11:51:41 UTC 2007

at irc channel was a talk about the needed of new contrib members.

Someone proposed to make a query in channel's topic and I made
one directly on channel.

Why wait to people became to be one contrib member? Why not recruit
members? Core/dev members or contrib with experiencie can take a look
to private repos, look for ports that are not in contrib and try to
talk to maintainer to propose him to became a contrib member and
maintain that port in contrib. With time and experiencie may be he can
give a hand to other contrib members who maintain lot of ports. Also can
be added to contrib a few "interesting/well done" ports from private

Only an idea. I hope it can be discussed here and we can read opinions
or another suggestions. (on irc channel did not get any of them). Sorry
if this is a crazy idea.


Learning bit by bit. - pitillo -

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