Contrib members.

Clare Johnstone claregj at
Wed Feb 28 23:44:25 UTC 2007

I think pitillo has a good idea. It has the advantage that if a person
has a special interest in some area, that person might be willing to
maintain ports in that area on contrib.  People with a special
interest may not be sufficently dedicated to Crux to spend time
outside of their area, but Crux would get the benefit of their
expertise in their specialty.

thanks to you all

On 2/28/07, pitillo <pitillo at> wrote:
> Hello,
> at irc channel was a talk about the needed of new contrib members.
> Someone proposed to make a query in channel's topic and I made
> one directly on channel.
> Why wait to people became to be one contrib member? Why not recruit
> members? Core/dev members or contrib with experiencie can take a look
> to private repos, look for ports that are not in contrib and try to
> talk to maintainer to propose him to became a contrib member and
> maintain that port in contrib. With time and experiencie may be he can
> give a hand to other contrib members who maintain lot of ports. Also can
> be added to contrib a few "interesting/well done" ports from private
> repos.
> Only an idea. I hope it can be discussed here and we can read opinions
> or another suggestions. (on irc channel did not get any of them). Sorry
> if this is a crazy idea.
> Reegards.
> Learning bit by bit. - pitillo -

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