why as many things deleted (opt) / and potentially broken source downloads?

Tom Rindborg Tom.Rindborg at fatburen.org
Mon Jan 29 10:21:56 UTC 2007

On Sun, 28 Jan 2007, Hannes Mayer wrote:

> About the ports, i agree with ronny.
> Its not very cool, simple kick them out. If the Maintainer has no time, is
> there no other? Or why don't ask somebody if he will maintain this Ports.
> All ports in there own repository isn't a good solution.

I fully understand that ports sometimes must be deleted from the official 
repos due to the lack of maintenance, and I don't really have a problem 
with that, except that I find the "surprise" effect slightly annoying. 
Sometimes you don't notice that a port is gone for some time, and then 
when you need it you must dig in backups/git repositories/what have you in 
order to find a copy.

How about posting a warning notice to this list, something along the lines 
of "In two weeks time the following ports will be removed from the 
official repos"? That would give people ample time to 
backup/repackage/whatever before the port disappears. Who knows, there 
might even pop up the occasional new maintainer... ;-)
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