Gnome 2.18 Cannot mount volume

Joshua Higgins joshiggins at
Sat Jun 2 22:44:04 UTC 2007

Right, I've done a number of things and still cant get it to work.

1. Created plugdev and netdev groups and added myself into them.
2. Created directory /media
3. Tried from root user

I'm completely stuck. Any ideas?

On 02/06/07, Joshua Higgins <joshiggins at> wrote:
> Aha, right. When I start dbus, i get the following error:
> Unknown group: "plugdev" in dbus configuration file
> Unknown group: "netdev" in dbus configuration file
> If I am correct, this is becuase these groups dont exist! How would I make
> them, and would this solve the problem??
> Thanks, Josh.

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