Linux and ACPI for Lenovo. not specific to crux

fernanbolando fernanbolando at
Wed Nov 7 07:22:53 UTC 2007

Hi all

I was wondering if any of you guys have a lenovo notebook running linux.

I recently bought a lenovo, to replace my very old toshiba.
The toshiba had allowed me to set most of the power management
stuff through  the BIOS so I simply enabled only the very basic ACPI 
in my kernel.

Now the lenovo's BIOS is not very extensive. Now I need help 
understanding, what options to enable in my kernel or can I just trust 
the BIOS that it is actually doing the right power management? 

I just want the notebook to run as long and as cool as possible. I mostly
connect to a plan9 for most of the cpu extensive stuff so running the 
system hot is not necessary to get the best performance.

Can sombody suggest which ACPI options to activate in the kernel 
( example: cpu scalling, etc )
A starting point would be great, because I have ignored most of the ACPI 
stuff for so long that I dont know were to start. 


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