Linux and ACPI for Lenovo. not specific to crux

Markus Messmer markus.messmer at
Wed Nov 7 07:39:10 UTC 2007

On 15:22 Wed 07 Nov     , fernanbolando wrote:
> Hi all
> I was wondering if any of you guys have a lenovo notebook running linux.
> I recently bought a lenovo, to replace my very old toshiba.
> The toshiba had allowed me to set most of the power management
> stuff through  the BIOS so I simply enabled only the very basic ACPI 
> in my kernel.
> Now the lenovo's BIOS is not very extensive. Now I need help 
> understanding, what options to enable in my kernel or can I just trust 
> the BIOS that it is actually doing the right power management? 
> I just want the notebook to run as long and as cool as possible. I mostly
> connect to a plan9 for most of the cpu extensive stuff so running the 
> system hot is not necessary to get the best performance.
> Can sombody suggest which ACPI options to activate in the kernel 
> ( example: cpu scalling, etc )
> A starting point would be great, because I have ignored most of the ACPI 
> stuff for so long that I dont know were to start. 

you could start here:

> thanks
> Fernan


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