Installing CRUX on 2nd HDD

Pawel Wielgus pawel.wielgus at
Sun Nov 11 17:54:40 UTC 2007

Dear CRUXers,

I need your advice before I proceed with a new installation of CRUX 2.3

I have an older CRUX on /dev/sda, under which I'm currently working.
Then I have a second HDD, which can be mounted using USB cable as
/dev/sdb. How can I install CRUX2.3 on /dev/sdb (through USB cable),
working under /dev/sda at the same time? I imagine I should chroot to
CRUX2.3 install CD, and then proceed as in a normal installation. By I'm
not sure how to properly chroot to CD. Can you give me any hints?

I cannot attach both HDD's at the same time as IDE devices - it's a
notebook. Also it's too simple to exchange HDD's for installation :)

I appreciate any help,


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