CRUX-CD without raid-autodetect !?

Falk Hamann Falk.Hamann at
Mon Dec 1 13:44:29 UTC 2008

Dear community

Something changed since crux-2.3. ;-)
But with the good old crux-2.3 boot-cd, I can boot a server and the 
md-devices were autodetected and binded correctly.

Crux-2.3 md, scsi, sata compiled into kernel -> works
Crux-2.4, Crux-2.5: kernel modular, initramfs -> no autodetect anymore

Or is this a difference between mdev and udev ?

I tried also a selfbuild kernel with all relevant parts buildin. But 
this doesn't help.
Short google-session brought some results:
"... kernel autodetect is correspondingly deprecated."

They solved it with an initramfs and mdadm.conf.
But this is the wrong way for a live-cd.

I attached 2 patches for "manuell auto-detecting" raids within the 
Is this the "right" way for crux ?

Any help would be appreciated.

best regards
Falk Hamann


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